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  • “I absolutely LOVE them! When our appointment was complete the first thing I said was “I have never had my eyelashes look like this, this is the best job I’ve ever had done!” Highly recommended and very relaxing!”



  • Lashious is a comfortable, relaxing, very zen like spa. I’ve had complete strangers come up to me and compliment me on my lash(es). They are amazed when I tell them they are lash extensions. I highly recommend getting them done.



  • I Love…Lashious!..Attention to detail is the best! I’ve had other girls do my lashes and they are just not the same…They are perfect to a tee, even under magnification. I always get compliments on them and wouldn’t let any other lash girl touch my eyes.



  • The salon is really clean and cozy. The salon has great art and decor. I would recommend this salon 100%.



  • The location is so cute and convenient for me. Love having lash extensions, wish I got them earlier and now I won’t stop.



  • I have had my eyelash extensions done at 4 different location and have never had such professional and well done service provided as I have at Lashious. I highly recommend them.