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The key to divine eyelash extensions is rooted in the integrity of the application by a certified professional. It is essential that leading industry products are used to provide leading quality results.  Lashious is always testing new products, Health Canada approved, to make sure our certified professionals are only use the highest end products on the market.

Lashious offers two grades of semi-permanent eyelash extensions: Silk and 100% Mink. The initial full set is a two-hour procedure involving the application of 90-120 eyelash extensions per eye. Fills, which are repeated every few weeks, is an hour-long procedure, applying 70-80 eyelash extensions per eye. Lastly, Lashious offer a 30 minute procedure called a touch up which involves the application of 30-60 eyelashes per eye.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

  • For the effect of full voluminous lashes, we recommend trying our volume lashes. Utilizing a finer silk lash, with a diameter of .07, we are able to apply triple the lashes to each individual eyelash. The three-to-one ratio creates a thick, dramatic & voluminous appeal while concealing naturally sparse and thin lashes.


  • Touch up: $80.95
  • Fill: $130.00
  • Full Set: $255.00

 Siberian Mink

  • Our luxurious Mink lashes are our softest, natural feeling lashes. Purchased from one of the most respected Mink Ranchers in the world, our Mink lashes are 100% Genuine Siberian Mink.


  • Touch up: $63.95
  • Fill: $125.95
  • Full Set: $234.95


  • This glamorous blend of Mink and Polyester offers a beautiful bold and silky finish. While maintaining a naturally soft and silky feel our Silk lashes offer clients an alluring long-lasting finish.


  • Touch up $45.95
  • Fill: $89.95
  • Full Set: $184.95

Eyelash Removal


  • $39.95


Eyelash Extensions

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